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Re: BOSS RC-50 impressions/pedal "action"

thanks sean, though i have to say i'm a little fuzzy on that technique.  set the pedals to change?  do you mean from one patch to another?  is this something you came up with on your own or is that in the manual?


In a message dated 6/7/06 8:02:44 PM, sean@seanmormelo.com writes:
Yea i couldn't get trigger the loops on time that well either so I set the pedals to change at the end of the loop, so I hit the next loop and it changes exactly at the end of the previous rather then when I immediatly hit the pedal..I Love this feature and it works like a charm..Plus if you have say loop 2 or 3 that you want as a one shot loop, you can set each loop the way you want it to trigger so loop one, or you main loop can be set to trigger at loop end and the other 2 can be set as a one shot that will immediately trigger when you hit the pedals..VERY cool.