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Re: Re: BOSS RC-50 impressions/pedal "action"

>....i'm getting a pronounced "hiccup" frequently at the end of the 
>recording and the begining of the playback of the "phrase".  the 
>wierd thing is that when i listen to the playback over several 
>repetitions, i don't hear the "hiccup", and for the most part the 
>phrase sounds ok.
>his suggestions were to "play through" the first beat of the phrase 
>after you've hit the end of the recording of it....ok, that seems 
>like a pain.  he also seems to think that roland will eventually 
>issue a software update.
>anyone have impressions, opinions on this?

It looks like either:-

1) there's some considerable latency when recording a loop
2) Roland are using some sort of detection to determine where the 
loop point should be.

those would both be helped by "playing through"

Amazing, so it's not suitable for even making a single loop :-(

Wierd that the "hiccup" goes away, if you could provide audio samples
then that would be interesting.

andy butler
ps. just waiting for the post from the guy who can't hear the problem ;-)