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My impressions of the BOSS RC-50

Title: My impressions of the BOSS RC-50
I spent some time this afternoon with a friend's RC-50.


Loops can be independent lengths and run simultaneously (in the so called "multi mode".)

Loops can fade in and fade out when activated.

Momentary record function is fan-fucking-tastic!!

4 outputs.. click could be run independently to a personal monitor or drummer if desired.

Possible stereo operation.. haven't tried it but I suppose that you could mute the signal to the left input, add audio to the right side, mute the right input and add audio to the left, effectively giving you 6 loops of 3 lengths at once....


Please feel free to correct any misinformation here!

No speed/pitch control of loops.. octave, half speed, NOPE! (it has a really crude timestretch algo, but it's horrid - not cool horrid like the electrix repeater, either)

No control of feedback for loop... too dense? erase and start again!

Yellow / Green LED color too similar on Play / OD lights, especially in bright light.

Must select loop with one pedal and then select stop / play with another. I would rather select and cue playback/ stop with one button.

Too many menu hunts required for a simple pan control, reverse mode etc....

Silly accompaniment sounds and presets...

Footswitches are way too imprecise and rubbery.

USB operation too fussy... requires menu selections and button presses to connect and to disconnect from the computer.

Changing 'Patches' wipes entire loop if you didn't 'write' it..

No expandable storage all memory is internal.


I have been using the EH2880 for the past few weeks and its simple interface with real knobs, one function per button, stereo mixdown track which can be unsynched from the main 4 tracks, plus instant reverse (even in record) and -most importantly- the ability to varispeed the whole mess with a knob has me a bit down on the virtual- menu driven key memorization world that is everything else.

If a looper is an instrument, shouldn't it have an interface designed like one?