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Re: Is it Ableton Live - or is it me?

Per Boysen wrote:
> On 7 jun 2006, at 10.39, Buzap Buzap wrote:
>> Meanwhile I found some Ableton Live settings in Prefs>Misc named 
>> "Start Recording on Scene Launch".
>> Still having problems with moving up/down scenes though: I map keys on 
>> Scene  launch/up/down. When pressing the buttons however, only Scene 
>> Up works.
>> Weird?!?
> You may benefit from using Control Aid. Check it out at 
> http://www.charlie-roberts.com/
With all due respect, IMNSHO, I think involving third-party software for 
this is A: Overkill, and B: only going to confuse matters more.

I'd start by checking the midi controller for bad settings. These 
settings are very basic to the operation of Ableton Live, and should 
work, before injecting weird control-software into the mix.