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pedal pushers


Hey Bill, marriage has made u dyslexic.
Ditto here, I ended up not using the RPTRs mute function because of these
 very reasons, it seemed too much of a mind F#@*k.

This brings up an interesting point though. Getting the balance between 
button pushing and getting your phrasing/ emotional input right. For me they 
are mutually exclusive. I'm sure they use different parts of the brain. I 
like nothing better than doing my musical thing sans pedal pushing. The 
performance takes a back seat when I start twiddling/pressing pedals. I know 
some would say that twiddling IS part of the performance and I agree when, 
say, you're mashing/modifying sound that has been captured but I'm talking 
about while you're ACTUALLY playing. The answer maybe to sequence button 
pushing - it's something I'm actively looking into right now.