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Re: Wanted: MIDI foot controller

Congratulations on your kid-to-be.
In my experience newborns don't cost much to run , (unlike money grabbing 
teenagers), so treat your self to an FCB - consider it a gift to the child!
When they grow up you can proudly say " I bought that when you were born - 
and it's still. going" !?


.......but since my wife is right at a
> month from the due date of our first child, I'd like to save money if 
> So I'm really willing to look at any controller that will get me started
> in looping if I can save a few bucks.
> Is anybody here (or perhaps a friend of anybody here) looking to sell a
> used foot controller?  Feel free to e-mail me directly if you have
> anything.
> Thanks!
> --Josh