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RE: pedal pushers

> On 12 jun 2006, at 04.30, mark sottilaro wrote:
> Boy howdy!  I don't know why, but there's nothing I
> hate more than closing a loop.  Something about having
> to focus on that event drives me crazy.  I loved the
> JamMan's ability to just choose the amount of beats
> you wanted for a loop and let it go....

Thanks Per, good suggestions.  Two more options:

  - Record a silent track to serve as the timing master for the others,
    this track defines the tempo and cycle length but has no audible
    Then switch to another track with the Track Sync parameter set to
    Press Record once, recording begins when the master track reaches
    start point.  Press Record again anywhere in the middle of the loop 
    and the recording automatically ends when the master track reaches
    it's start point.  The second track may contain more than one cycle
    of the master track.

  - Write a script that calls the Record function, waits for the desired
    number of milliseconds, then calls Record again.  e.g.
             !name Record 4 Seconds
             Wait msec 4000

The second approach doesn't require you to tap in a tempo but the
problem I have with it is that there is no visible clue where the
"beats" are.  So unless you have a very accurate mental clock,
it is hard to record something in the right tempo.  

It has been awhile since I've used a Jamman, does it flash an LED to
let you know the tempo?  With a little more work we could write a
script that displayed "countdown" messages for a bar before starting
the recording to give a feel for the tempo.