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Re: pedal pushers

--- Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:

> Don't you have to  
> specify the tempo first, or sync the jamman to a
> master clock? I  
> remember an old post by you where you said you like
> to use a groove  
> box as the master clock, so I guess you want to run
> the looper synced?

Yup, I'm almost always synced to a master clock.  I
just want to be able to predefine how many 8th notes
my loop length is and then use a midi message to
initate the start of my loop recording but have it
automatically go into OD (or play) at the end of how
many 8th notes I've set the loop length too.  I think
I an probably figure out a way to make this happen.


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