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Re: pedal pushers

> --- Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Don't you have to
>> specify the tempo first, or sync the jamman to a
>> master clock? I
>> remember an old post by you where you said you like
>> to use a groove
>> box as the master clock, so I guess you want to run
>> the looper synced?
On 12 jun 2006, at 18.52, mark sottilaro wrote:

> Yup, I'm almost always synced to a master clock.  I
> just want to be able to predefine how many 8th notes
> my loop length is and then use a midi message to
> initate the start of my loop recording but have it
> automatically go into OD (or play) at the end of how
> many 8th notes I've set the loop length too.  I think
> I an probably figure out a way to make this happen.
> Mark

Augustus Loop does that charmingly! Should be easy with Mobius too by  
fixing a script that records a bar and then goes into overdub or  

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