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RE: Some info about the Repeater mk2 (not much, though :)

Title: RE: Some info about the Repeater mk2 (not much, though :)



the electrix guru seems like a patient helpful sort of chap.... but one gets the impression he's just writing down what he's been told to. there's a post later in the thread which is almost threatening in tone, trying to get a rise out of the guru by suggesting that us repeater users will write our own o/s for the original units if electrix are going to turn their collective back (again) on their early adopters. ho hum....

incidentally, this same regulation has made it very difficult for folks in europe to dispose of electronic hardware too. it's actually less hassle to put one's techno-junk on ebay than to hide it in the ordinary household rubbish; one could be arrested for the latter these days.



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