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RE: Some info about the Repeater mk2 (not much, though :)

Jeff wrote:"The issue is that they announced new products, took money from
customers (or, more to the point, many retailers did), and have kept
people completely in the dark. I'd say that's reason enough to be a
little irked."

fare enough, but I'd point the finger at the mail order music supply shops
of the world like the vaunted Alto Music, who took your money or someone
else's, not Electrix, they aren't seeing a penny of that money I'd wager.
And shame on those same retailers who took your money knowing electrix's
history of late delivery.

jeff wrote:"But periodic
(quarterly??) updates would be nice. At the very least it would show
some genuine concern for potential customers--not to mention good
faith on their part. I don't think that's asking too much. "

Don't get your hopes up, and realize that companies like this are not about
announcing their cash flow issues, software issues, EU code issues or
otherwise. You think people are starting to look elsewhere now, imagine if
Electrix blabbed about all of these issues on a quarterly basis, That
wouldn't do too well for their rep either.

It has been my experience from working in and around both the manufacturing
and retail end of the music biz for the past 25+ years, That niche
companies, no matter how great there products are , come and go, people who
design great music gear are not necessarily great business men or marketing
ninjas. Conversely, sometimes great business people have no clue as to how
to relate to real musicians, or gear geeks like us. Whoever assumed the
responsibility for resurrecting Electrix, may have bitten off more than 
can chew, Who is to say?
I just think everyone  who is threatening to get a refund for money they
have laid down for RPTR MK2 should get their money refunded, and be done
with it, and maybe that might send them a message they respond to.
otherwise, I just think its not worth getting agitated over.