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Re: Some info about the Repeater mk2 (not much, though :)

> If the Repeater never surfaces again, will the world be any more  
> diminished?

The issue is that they announced new products, took money from  
customers (or, more to the point, many retailers did), and have kept  
people completely in the dark. I'd say that's reason enough to be a  
little irked.

> spelling it out in tabloid detail, allow them at least, a bit of  
> corporate
> face saving, rather than hold them up to the same standards as a  
> company
> like Roland with much deeper pockets,

I don't think anyone is asking for tabloid detail. But periodic  
(quarterly??) updates would be nice. At the very least it would show  
some genuine concern for potential customers--not to mention good  
faith on their part. I don't think that's asking too much.