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RE: Some info about the Repeater mk2 (not much, though :)

I for one, am getting a little tired of all the Electrix bashing going on.
If the Repeater never surfaces again, will the world be any more 
I hope it does come back, and I'd gladly buy a new MK2 OS for my old RPTR,
if available, but I have some knowledge that the struggles and delays they
have been facing are real,  not just some smoke screen, and if they aren't
spelling it out in tabloid detail, allow them at least, a bit of corporate
face saving, rather than hold them up to the same standards as a company
like Roland with much deeper pockets, who don't even seem to be listening 
people like us. I really believe they want to reintroduce  the Repeater, 
no amount of whining or baiting is going to make that happen any quicker.
Hey, look at it this way, If you had ordered an Amp from Alexander (don't
call me Howard) Dumble, he wouldn't even give you a due date, and if you
called up to complain, he would stick you at the back of the line!!  And
don't forget to repeat the mantra:  Itsjustamachine

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--- goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:

> the electrix guru seems like a patient helpful sort
> of chap....

He does?  To me these little nuggets of partial
information seem only to get people angry.  Who knows
if someone could reverse engineer the Repeater OS?  I
bet if you tried hard enough, but no one has so far.

I'm not even sure I buy that excuse.  They've yet
again missed their ship date by what... a year?
Silly. So now they're telling us that they have to
totally redesign the MK2 so it's got a new led free
chip in it?  What about the warmth that only real led
gives your tone?  Will I be able to sell my Repeater
as a vintage led filled model?

I know nothing about the manufacturering process, but
I do know you don't tell customers a ship date until
you've got working hardware and software that's more
or less on it's way from where ever it's being made.
Remember the mistake I made with the Againinator?


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