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Re: internet jam partners

Hey Rainer,
I would be interested either as a percussionist(conga)
or doing some singing,ive never use the live streaming
technology below but ill look into it.

--- Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill
<rs@moinlabs.de> wrote:

> > Who knows, with permission of the artist, I may
> make a CD at 
> > the end of the year with excerpts of all the
> internet 
> > performances. I could call it the "Looper's
> Delight Ninjam 
> > Performance".
> ...which is something I intend to do as well, given
> more artists accept to
> play with me (so far, Krispen Hartung, Rick Walker
> and Charlie Milkey).
> Ok, again a call for performers! Who would be
> interested to do a virtual
> internet session?
> style: (open)
> instruments: horn players, singers and
> drummers/percussionists preferred,
> but other musicians alos welcome!
> technology: any of Ninjam, shoutcast or the
> www.t-u-b-e.de plugin.
> As an example for an internat jam, may I again point
> you to
> http://moinlabs.byto.de/msa/i_msa_div.htm (more
> recordings are on their
> way!)
> More on my background as well as links to some of my
> other stuff via
> www.moinlabs.de 
> Please contact me offlist,
>       Rainer

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