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Re: Way OT: EM fingers!

Okay, I knew I'd ask about this but now have no choice from context 

The rig has been down for several months given massive works on the house. 
On a weekend three or so weeks ago when I'd just had it and wanted to play 
no matter what, I stupidly crushed the end of my left middle finger 
two big flagstones around 3 weeks ago, splitting the end like a melon. 
Didn't break anything (x-ray check) and it wasn't a center-on hit so I 
the nail.  I can however feel the hard bit inside where the scar tissue is 
forming.  I massage the tip most of the time, gently, and the feeling in 
tip still hasn't come back.  I've been told by a carpenter who says he did 
something similar that it won't come back for as much as three months. 
Obviously this effects playing - and even if one excludes the nuances one 
obtains through good feeling-control, the hazard of not feeling the 
fingertip becomes one of finger damage through sense ignorance.

I was itching to play before this happened, and have been having lucid 
dreams about playing since a week after the accident.  Needless to say 
is an illustration as to why one should not hesitate before going at it. 
I'm going to come into just a little bit of money via my late mum-in-law 
sometime in the next month or so, and have decided that [a] life is 
short, and [b] I'm going to get a small, efficient amp system for 
performance purposes and rent a couple of halls in the London area when 
damned finger gets better.

So, guitarists on the list: How long will it take for this to come back? 
Thx in advance.


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>> ... but can you imagine how you could use this to feel your way  around 
>> keyboard, or a guitar.... your house?
> Actually, no. :) How would this help someone make music?
> I currently treat a fractured bone in my foot with EM waves 10 hours  a 
> day. I'm not sure that's something I'd want to feel.
> Jeff