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Re: Way OT: EM fingers!

The woman who's husband I am... (PC anyone?!) crushed her finger with a sledge hammer a few years ago. Lost all the feeling in the finger. She smashed it much worse than you, I can guarantee it - the whole finger was wide open - gruesome.

Anyhow, after a year or so of trying everything else, the feeling and a lot of the motion was restored with acupuncture.

I think the carpenter might be close to right as far as healing time. But the rest of your fingers work, eh? Remember Django Reinhart?

Time to learn how to play slide guitar?

My own take on money, after having spent huge piles of it, is that TIME is more important than equipment. Some of the most riveting, entertaining, soul stirring and wonderful guitarists I've ever known just used a Tele and amp... or, even simpler, one acoustic guitar. Just my $.02

Good luck

richard sales
glassWing farm and studio
vancouver island, b.c.

On 13-Jun-06, at 1:41 AM, Stephen Goodman wrote:

Okay, I knew I'd ask about this but now have no choice from context alone...

The rig has been down for several months given massive works on the house. On a weekend three or so weeks ago when I'd just had it and wanted to play no matter what, I stupidly crushed the end of my left middle finger between two big flagstones around 3 weeks ago, splitting the end like a melon. Didn't break anything (x-ray check) and it wasn't a center-on hit so I kept the nail. I can however feel the hard bit inside where the scar tissue is forming. I massage the tip most of the time, gently, and the feeling in the tip still hasn't come back. I've been told by a carpenter who says he did something similar that it won't come back for as much as three months. Obviously this effects playing - and even if one excludes the nuances one obtains through good feeling-control, the hazard of not feeling the fingertip becomes one of finger damage through sense ignorance.

I was itching to play before this happened, and have been having lucid dreams about playing since a week after the accident. Needless to say here is an illustration as to why one should not hesitate before going at it. I'm going to come into just a little bit of money via my late mum-in-law sometime in the next month or so, and have decided that [a] life is frigging short, and [b] I'm going to get a small, efficient amp system for performance purposes and rent a couple of halls in the London area when this damned finger gets better.

So, guitarists on the list: How long will it take for this to come back? Thx in advance.


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... but can you imagine how you could use this to feel your way around a keyboard, or a guitar.... your house?

Actually, no. :) How would this help someone make music?

I currently treat a fractured bone in my foot with EM waves 10 hours a day. I'm not sure that's something I'd want to feel.