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Re: Way OT: EM fingers!

I really appreciate the input so far -- It so happens that I HAVE an 
acupuncturist who's very good.  I'm going to start with her and see how it 
goes.  The most troubling part is the hard bit inside, I know it's forming 
scar tissue, so as long as I can get the feeling back it'll be fine... 
I can still type 60wpm, so it couldn't be that bad.  I'm more worried 
the fact that even with feeling I've gotten some hellacious blisters just 
not paying too much attention.  Of course the more ecstatic I get by 
playing, ah well, but am it Art? :)

Cheers everyone.

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>I cut my left hand pinky once with a hunting knife.
> Right down to the bone starting at the top and ending
> down near the first knuckle.  FUN!
> I didn't play for nearly a year.  I'm sure I probably
> could have but I think I lapsed into a bit of a
> depression/fear of it.  It took years to get full
> feeling from it, but there was 80% fairly early.  My
> doctor told me I'd never play the paino again and he
> was right.  Luckily, I never had before the injury so
> it wasn't much of a loss. ;)
> I can't say you'll have the same experience, but don't
> let yourself get mentally held back by your injury.
> Work through the pain.  I'm sorry I didn't.
> Mark
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>> >
>> > I stupidly crushed the end of my
>> left middle finger
>> between
>> > two big flagstones around 3 weeks ago, splitting
>> the end like a melon.
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