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RE: more to slide than blues?

I think the comment was more about modern public perception rather than
historic fact. Kind of like saying pedal steel is for country music, 
that is the music it is most closely associated with, even in today's world
of "modern" country music. The popularity of Hawaiian music was a global
phenomena that spawned among other things the relatively modern tradition 
Hindustani slide guitar that began in the 40's, and I believe, but I may be
wrong, the development of the pedal steel guitar.

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Subject: more to slide than blues?

An curios statement considering that slide was invented by Hawaiians.There
was a huge hawaiin music fad in the 20s(.Ever seen the pictures of the
college guy w/ a racoon skin coat ,a strw hat and a ukulele? that was as 
as a white guy could get ,for thatgeneration) Anyway Hawaiian music had a
huge influence. and not just on Country  ,B.B.King has said part of his
vocal lead style was influenced by Hawaiian steel guitar.