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new Steve Lawson album now in stock...


my new album arrived from Sony yesterday, looking and smelling all  
lovely and sparkly and new.

The offer via my site to get a free download-only album of over an  
hour of exclusive extra stuff is still open til June 20th, which is  
the official release date. Head over to www.stevelawson.net/zencart/  
for more on that. The whole album is a live-in-the-studio affair,  
using the Looperlative for all the looping - what a joy to have  
stereo loopage, multiple sync'd or unsync'd tracks, hi-fi loveliness.  
It's all solo except two tracks with a special guest on each - BJ  
Cole plays pedal steel on one (his part was an overdub), and one tune  
is a live looped bass 'n' voice track with Julie McKee, the singer  
I'm doing the Edinburgh festival with this year... now that's a fun  
gig - looping and layering both of us on songs by The Cure, Slipknot,  
Green Day, John Martyn, Stevie Wonder... it's fab!

Those of you that have already ordered, it's on the way...

if you want to hear three tracks from it, check out my MySpace page -  


www.stevelawson.net - site
www.stevelawson.net/zencart/ - shop
http://steve.anthropiccollective.org - blog