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Re: Addressing a single Echoplex in a Stereo Setup

this hasnt been discussed before so you did search :=)

It is possible but probably not with the fcb and not for the midi beginner

0- you need a midi controler that can send sys ex
1- you need to set the edp's on a different sys ex device ID nb p 10-6 
2- by sending the apropriate sys ex message you can change the mid chan 
recieve in one of the pair to make them respond to different channels
example: if you have edp A dev id 1 edp B dev id 2 both on midi chan 1

from the sys ex manual: global data :F0 00 01 30 0B dev vers 11 from 
pset val_1 .. val_n F7

dev: device id. we want to talk to edp B so 2
version :01
11 . means global params data.
from: The global parameters index nb. Midi chan is index 2 so we enter 2
lenght: we send only one param value starting from the index nb so we 
pset :for future use: 7F
val: we want to set edp B to mid chan 2 so we enter 1 (chan 1 is entered 0)
F7 end of exclusive
the complete message in hexadecimal

F0 00 01 30 0B 02 01 11 01 01 7f 01 F7

3- once you have sent this message edp A is on ch 1 and B on ch 2

4- set your commands on your midi controler to access the edp you want by 
channel (create a second set of commands adressing midi chan 2)

5- to come back to stereo operation :F0 00 01 30 0B 02 01 11 01 01 7f 00 F7

hope this can help


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Subject: Addressing a single Echoplex in a Stereo Setup

> Hi -
> I know this has been discussed before, but I can't put my finger on it 
> I've got a typical stereo Plex setup (midi and brotherSync connections 
> between
> the two units) and use a programmable foot pedal (FCB1010) to control 
> both. How
> can I address just one of the two from the FCB1010 for that odd 
> where
> I want them to act independently.
> Thanks!
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