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Re: Gyorgy Ligeti choir sounds

> Hi Mark,
> the link to your Ligeti-choir sounds doesn't work for me - too
> bad.
> Since I am a big fan of his work and these kinds of soundsheets
> in
> particular I was really eager to listen to that.

Hi Andreas.
I'm suprised that link doesn't work. Try this:


>I have tried to
> copy
> that with guita&loop before with mixed result using slide,
> ebow,
> pitch bends etc. It's hard to get that really haunting type of
> feel
> though. Any recommendations? Mark, can you maybe email me an
> mp3
> directly?
> Thanks, Andreas

I used a Roland JD-800 keyboard with some choir sounds I'd created. The 
JD-800 has this slider called "Pitch Random", where the note that comes 
out will vary randomly around the note you played by an amount adjusted by 
the slider. If you hold the sustain pedal down and hit a lot of notes with 
"Pitch Random" all the way off, then you get a lot of copies of the same 
note. But as you turn up the slider, the new notes start drifting further 
away from the one you played. It sounds pretty cool.

There are several mp3s on the page of just the straight choir sounds, but 
only one real Ligeti-like mp3. I will attach it to an off-list email in 
case you still can't view the page. Hope this helps.