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RC-50 Users Must Be Busy


I can't believe the RC-50 talk died off so quick. I'm assuming the users 
are busy as bees with their new toy. I had the opportunity to use mine 
twice (only) so far for practice only. I thought it was a fairly intuitive 
unit (if one does a modicum of study of the manual) and was looping in a 
matter of minutes. The most difficult thing I encountered was figuring how 
to connect the looper to my sound environment. I wanted to hook it to my 
patchbay so I could route a variety of synths and my guitar to it but my 
mixer (Onyx) doesn't have true sends (there s a DB-25 connecter to 
multiple 1/4 inch out snake that needs purchased).

I ended up routing the output of my amp (Cyber Twin) to the RC-50's mike 
connect using the XLR input. and routing the Main outs to a stereo input 
on my mixer.

I 'think' I noticed the glitch someone else mentioned at the beginning of 
the recorded loop the first time around but it happens so quick and 
disappears that I haven't found it to be a problem (yet). 

It seems like the overdubs get a tad muddy rather quickly but the quality 
is still not half bad. I still have level issues I need to work out - I'm 
not sure if I'm sending too hot a signal into the RC-50 or if it's the 
quirk of the unit.

All & all, though, I'm happy with the RC-50. For its price point, it's got 
a lot going for it. 

Paul Richards