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Re: RC-50 Users Must Be Busy

At 5:12 PM -0400 6/16/06, Tom Ritchford wrote:
>2006/6/16, Joshua Carroll <josh@infinivert.com>:
>>Oh wow... If that's the case, I definitely won't buy one.  Won't do much
>>good if it can't slave to a sequencer.
>Well, that isn't so bad if the pedal emits a nice accurate time signal
>and the sequencer takes timecode in....

Hrm, I think that depends on the way you're set up.  If, like many 
sequencer users, you typically use a bar or two "pre-roll" at the 
beginning of each song in order to load patch data throughout all 
your gear, then starting and syncing from an external source can be a 
bit more problematic.  Since the actual start of the song is several 
beats earlier than the point at which any audio is emitted, I can 
imagine locking the devices together properly might get tricky if the 
external looper is controlling the show.

You can probably get around it by loading and playing a separate 
sequence to set up all your gear, then load and play the actual song 
(lather, rinse, repeat for each song).  But that's a bit unwieldy in 
a live situation.  Far easier if you can just get all your external 
devices to simply slave to the sequencer, IMNSHO.

And, as always, YMMV...