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Re: RC-50 Users Must Be Busy

Greetings to all loopers. I tried the RC-50 at a store for like an  
hour. With the manual it seemed pretty great. The drum machine and  
tempo guide thing was a bit of an issuse. I just want to loop live  
stick in stereo to my own time with differing loop lengths. Although  
I did go under 2 menus to deactivate the internal stuff, there was  
still some master clock going while I would create loops. Only on  
short loops it became a small problem, as it would not end>start the  
loop precisely. Still mostly seamless looping to me, with good  
fidelity. I really enjoyed the 3 loop pedals individually activated  
with 7 total pedals. And either in or out of sync. 3 stereo track  
loops per 'patch'. Worked like a charm. Yet I could not figure out  
how to play longer phrases over short loops. Like multiply on an  
echoplex sorta. As for the hiccup issue, I didn't notice anything.  
Though I was not making remotely ambient loops so I will re-test it  
for this reason. Overall it was really fun considering it was my  
first time trying it.