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385 free samples from Andrew Duke for looping, mangling, etc

I've managed to round up 16 super-duper sweet prizes for the Consumer 
vs. User remix contest. 
More details on the prizes and the contest to follow as time permits. 
Don't worry, contest is running
until August 31.
If you'd like to get started playing with the 385 free 24bit WAV samples 
that are now available from me to use as ya wish (you don't have to 
enter the contest, you could just plug 'em into your favorite looping 
device and mangle 'em :)), go to http://andrew-duke.com and start 
downloadin' (click on "contests") if interested.
Take care.

Andrew Duke
scoring/sound design/source
Cognition Audioworks label
[Andrew Duke, Foal, Clinker, Granny'Ark]