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RE: Addressing a single Echoplex in a Stereo Setup

 This is true, although with the hacked firmware, it has allowed for some
improvement. There apparently isn't enough memory for different channels 
preset, or releasepedal messages, although for probably a few pennies more
they could have maybe used a little bit more memory. 

So, for midi controllers, this leaves us with the PMC-10 and maybe the
Rocktron All Access, although the Access is about the same price as an
EDP...isn't there another expensive midi controller from Europe too? What
other controllers are out there? And why is it so hard to find one that 
more of the midi spec? Should it really cost $1k for a controller? I really
hate spending money on stuff that doesn't make sound. 

I will say- I used the PMC-10 for awhile, but, and maybe mine was weird-
there was about a 100ms delay from when I pressed the pedal to when the EDP
changed its state. 

I just use the EDP controller for the EDP, and the FCB1010 for everything
else- they work pretty well together. 

Dave Eichenberger-  

> It would be really easy to do this if you had a better midi 
> controller, but the FCB1010 is too limited for it.