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Re: Addressing a single Echoplex in a Stereo Setup

At 04:22 PM 6/14/2006, Clint Goss wrote:
>I know this has been discussed before, but I can't put my finger on it ...
>I've got a typical stereo Plex setup (midi and brotherSync connections 
>the two units) and use a programmable foot pedal (FCB1010) to control 
>both. How
>can I address just one of the two from the FCB1010 for that odd situation 
>I want them to act independently.

It would be really easy to do this if you had a better midi controller, 
the FCB1010 is too limited for it.

All you have to do is put the two echoplexes on two different midi 
channels, say ch 1 and 2. Have one bank of commands on the midi controller 
that only sends commands on midi channel 1, a second bank that only sends 
commands on midi channel 2, and a third bank that sends commands on both 
channels 1 and 2 simultaneously. Then you just change banks on the 
controller depending on what you want to do.

Or, as someone else suggested, you could do something similar by setting 
the "source#" parameter differently for each echoplex. Then each Echoplex 
would use a different range of midi notes/controllers for its commands. 
could have them on the same midi channel in that case. The midi controller 
would be set up similar to above, with one bank sending sending single 
commands to 1 Echoplex's note range, another sending commands to the 
Echoplex's note range, and a third bank sending two notes to address both 
Echoplexes at the same time.

Your problem is the FCB1010 can only send one midi note message at a time, 
on one globally defined midi channel, which is really idiotic. So it can't 
do either of these methods. And its implementation of continuous 
messages is also really limited, so it can't manage any concept of 
momentary switching where one cc value is sent on pressing down and a 
different cc value on releasing. This is also too limited for most of the 
Echoplex's looping functions.

If you want to do more sophisticated control of midi devices like you are 
wishing, you really need a better midi controller than the FCB1010. The 
only way you could use it is to follow Claude's instructions using sysex 
commands to change the midi channels of the Echoplexes on the fly. 
you would still need a separate device to send the sysex, because the FCB 
can't do that either. At that point you might as well just get a better 
midi controller and keep it simple with separate midi channels.


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