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RE: Addressing a single Echoplex in a Stereo Setup

Thank you all for your input on this subject!

Claude's input using SysEx messages was a tad depressing ... The FCB1010 
pull this off and apparantly Plex's can hiccup acoustically during SysEx
processing (their admission/apology, in the manual).

There is a suggestion of using separate Source # or MIDI channels and 
two messages. I wonder if synchronization (when working in stereo) would be
compromised. I sense that the Plex designers put a lot of effort into the 
synch issue ... brother synch and intelligent midi piping and all that. 
sending two MIDI messages might degrade that stereo synch in comparison 
brother sync.

And then there's the issue that the FCB 1010 is not up to the task. Hmmm. 
using it for a year to control two Plexes and a PCM81. Reprogrammed it 
times and used it live dozens of times over the last year.

In a gig last night, I tried doing the 'punch the panel buttons' thing to 
the two channels so they played two different parts of an ostinato and then
reversing one of the channels. Cool acoustic effect, crappy psychological
effect. I can tap a footswitch without missing a beat, but going over to 
panel was disorienting and took me way out of the music for like 30 

Now I see that the FCB1010 cannot send multiple notes on a single tap. 

> PMC-10 for awhile, but, and maybe mine was weird- there was about a 100ms
> from when I pressed the pedal to when the EDP changed its state.

Yikes! 1/10'th second? That is disqualifying.

- Clint Goss

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At 02:53 PM 6/17/2006, hazard factor wrote:
>  This is true, although with the hacked firmware, it has allowed for 
>some improvement. There apparently isn't enough memory for different 
>channels per preset, or releasepedal messages, although for probably a 
>few pennies more they could have maybe used a little bit more memory.

if people are going to the trouble of hacking the firmware, why not change 
the memory also and increase the memory size? Seems like it would be a 
simple hardware mod, unless the problem is the cpu address range is already
filled up.

>So, for midi controllers, this leaves us with the PMC-10 and maybe the 
>Rocktron All Access, although the Access is about the same price as an 

yes, if you are only thinking of midi footpedal controllers. But there are
plenty of other types of controllers. Keyboard controllers, drum 
sampler/drum machine boxes, table top studio fader boxes, etc. 
Many options, unless you are a guitarist who wears big boots and doesn't 
have a
hand free.

>I will say- I used the PMC-10 for awhile, but, and maybe mine was 
>weird- there was about a 100ms delay from when I pressed the pedal to 
>when the EDP changed its state.

Are you talking about the Yamaha MFC-10 midi pedal? That has a known 
problem like you describe. But the old digitech PMC-10 definitely does not 
any latency issue. After all, Andre LaFosse uses the Digitech PMC-10 for 
all his
supa-fast pedal pushing. No way he could do that without a responsive 

>I just use the EDP controller for the EDP, and the FCB1010 for 
>else- they work pretty well together.

That is another good approach to this. You can use midi control and the 
pedal together just fine. So you could have the FCB1010 set up to control 
two Echoplexes together in stereo, and then have the pedal plugged into the
slave Echoplex to control it independently. You could probably even come 
up with
some sort of "midi switch" that disconnects the midi connection between 
them. So
with the midi connected, the FCB controls them both in stereo, and the 
pedal can
independently address the slave. If you disconnect the midi with the midi
switch, the FCB could them be used to control the master EDP 
independently. You
could switch between the options with a relatively simple solution.


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