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Re: beatsync filters

Hejda Rune,
The Adrenalinn II is dead simple to use and sounds pretty good out of the box. Not a whole lot of programming needed if you want something fairly simple. On the other hand, if you want to go deep with it and really learn the box, it doesn't seem terribly complicated. I haven't necessarily dug deep into it and have been able to apply it pretty well. There are all kinds of applications available, including separate sends for drum machines and guitar signal, the ability to send the drum machine through the filters, etc.. Another real advantage, the manual is written in reasonably clear, colloquial English that is not some odd-ball translation like Roland manuals tend to be. The amp simulations are, to my ears and IMO clearer and less convoluted to get to than the POD or some of Roland's COSM Modelers. Just simple, evocative models.
Don't have any other experience with the other units mentioned.
Todd Howell

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Subject: beatsync filters

Hi !
I am looking for beatsyncing filter/sweaps-effects for my guitar-rig.
Does anyone have experience with the kaoss pad, roger mayer voodoo, or adrennalinn ? Or any other good filters ?
Rune f

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