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Re: Oh, Canada

Being a Canadian, I've only lately crossed the border with birth cert. and d.l.  I'd bring my passport when I had a valid one. 
The wife and I are heading to SW Michingan in about two weeks and will bring only those two pieces of i.d. Of course, this will the time we draw the 'cavity search' card...
Never had any problems.  I always thought it was more important to give the guard the short "yes, sire/ma'am" or "no, sir/ma'am" answers.
ted h.

Paul <paulrichard10@adelphia.net> wrote:
Has anyone traveled from the US to Canada recently?
I was told by someone that there is a requirement for 3 documents to enter the country (Passport, birth certificate, driver's license). Doesn't sound right to me - if one has a passport, why would one need a birth certificate? What if one doesn't drive?
Regards, Paul

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