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Andrew Duke--Consumer vs. User remix contest now "live"

Hello, fellow loopers.

The Andrew Duke--Consumer vs. User remix contest is now officially 
"live" on http://andrew-duke.com and http://stratagem-musik.com and 
running until August 31, 2006.  The best resulting remixes will be 
released on Stratagem Musik and great prizes are up for grabs including 
software (including a grand prize of a copy of Reaktor 5 kindly donated 
by Native Instruments), magazine subscriptions, books, CDs-ROMs, and CDs.

Even if you decide not to enter the contest, there are 385 WAV samples 
(available as 24bit and 16bit) from my  Consumer vs. User album 
(http://www.phthalo.com/cat.php?cat=phth40) available for free download 
on http://andrew-duke.com as well as a full preview of the album's lead 

I do hope, though, that some of you on this list will enter the contest. 
 And please spread the word to any loopers and musicians and producers 
and composers and sound designers you think might be interested in 
entering the contest and in playing with the samples.

Take care.

Andrew Duke
scoring/sound design/source
Cognition Audioworks label
[Andrew Duke, Foal, Clinker, Granny'Ark]