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Idling On the Backroads: video/audio looping piece uploaded

A good friend of mine took the first long break he has had since he 
a family 20 years ago.
He went back east to pick up an inexpensive airplane that he had purchased 
online and he had no time table,  so
he let himself drive only on backroads across the US.  He took no major 

He said that when he was hungry, he ate,   when he was sleepy he slept in 
the back of his truck.........no matter what time of day or night.
He had no timetable and was in no hurry.   If he saw a thing of beauty or 
interest, he stopped and looked at it.

This was such a beautiful story to me and it occured to me that rarely 
anyone ever let themselves
flow in an experience like this,  especially as an adult.

Anyway,  I wrote this piece about the way his story made me feel.   I used 
the non-real time looping program, Sony ACID 6.0.

Then today,  I found a cheap sound activated plastic store at a toy store 
and I took a series of 30 second lo
fi video loops of it with my terrible (and wonderful)  radio shack digital 

I'm trying (very slowly and lamely) to learn how to use Vegas Video with 
these modest little films
so I tried my first hand at video compositing and made this piece tonight.

I hope you enjoy it.


IDLING ON THE BACKROADS:   a piece from the multi media DVD release by 
Purple Hand,  'Orange'      due out sometime before Y2k6 this summer.