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Re: Idling On the Backroads: video/audio looping piece uploaded

Very cool, Rick. I knew you would go out and get a tiny camera!! :)  I 
have your beat-box video on my phone from our get together last week. Once 
figure out how to save it to my drive, I'll send it to you.

I have Vegas, but I use a program called Roxy Media Pro instead. It is 
less processor intensive, easy to use, and has many of the same video 
effects as Vegas. I used it to produce my Microcosmic Horrors DVD.


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Subject: Idling On the Backroads: video/audio looping piece uploaded

>A good friend of mine took the first long break he has had since he 
>a family 20 years ago.
> He went back east to pick up an inexpensive airplane that he had 
> online and he had no time table,  so
> he let himself drive only on backroads across the US.  He took no major 
> highways.
> He said that when he was hungry, he ate,   when he was sleepy he slept 
> the back of his truck.........no matter what time of day or night.
> He had no timetable and was in no hurry.   If he saw a thing of beauty 
> interest, he stopped and looked at it.
> This was such a beautiful story to me and it occured to me that rarely 
> does anyone ever let themselves
> flow in an experience like this,  especially as an adult.
> Anyway,  I wrote this piece about the way his story made me feel.   I 
> the non-real time looping program, Sony ACID 6.0.
> Then today,  I found a cheap sound activated plastic store at a toy 
> and I took a series of 30 second lo
> fi video loops of it with my terrible (and wonderful)  radio shack 
> camera.
> I'm trying (very slowly and lamely) to learn how to use Vegas Video with 
> these modest little films
> so I tried my first hand at video compositing and made this piece 
> I hope you enjoy it.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSUiO-v4uxQ
> IDLING ON THE BACKROADS:   a piece from the multi media DVD release by 
> Purple Hand,  'Orange'      due out sometime before Y2k6 this summer.