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Re: Ganglion

A bit.  It does increase the chances but very little if you had them 
use a needle to extract the fluid.  Popping is no good, it makes a 
tear in the synovial sheath.  If you cut, pierce or pop the sheath, I 
was told that it will weaken the sheath at that point.

This was years ago and as I've said I'm no doctor so don't take this 
as medical advice.

The most important thing for you to do now is to figure out how you 
got the ganglion in the first place.  Ganglions are an overuse 
injury, just like tendonitis. They will come back if you keep doing 
what gave you a ganglion in the first place.

I made my ganglions go away permanently by analyzing my technique and 
changing it to reduce stress on my hand.  I was playing too hard and 
too much and I was playing wrong with my left hand.  My technique 
wasn't wrong according to the usual way that guitar is taught but it 
was wrong for me.  Also I don't play when my hands are tired or sore.

Best wishes,

At 03:32 AM 6/19/2006, you wrote:
>Oh Shit Kevin, i am reading your post too late;-) ive
>just had the fluid extracted you mean that increases
>the chances of coming back?
>--- Kevin <kevin@TheNettles.com> wrote:
> > At 12:11 AM 6/16/2006, you wrote:
> > >I recently dicovered a small lump on my left ring
> > >tendon that was sort of bothering me when playing
> > >guitar and went to the doctor and found out is a
> > >finger ganglion.I am still debating wether i should
> > >let them operate it because there arent any
> > guarantees
> > >of anything,it oculd come back,ruin a nerve numbing
> > >the finger etc.it is specially frustrating and
> > >depressing being left handed...
> >
> > I'm not a doctor so you'd be a fool to follow my
> > advice but...
> >
> > I have had ganglions on the back of my hand in the
> > past when my
> > technique wasn't good.  The best advice I got was to
> > rest the area
> > until my body repaired the synovial sheath shrank
> > the ganglion.  I
> > also worked on my technique--I was using too much
> > force and bending
> > my wrist when I played so I played with a wrist
> > brace for awhile to
> > unlearn bad habits.
> >
> > If you cut (or pop) the synovial sheath, you weaken
> > it.  So yeah,
> > your chances of getting another ganglion increase.
> >
> > Best wishes,
> > Kevin
> >
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