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RE: Addressing a single Echoplex in a Stereo Setup

 Well, not really supposed, it was real, but as I said, it might have just
been mine. In any case, they were made up until the early/mid 90s, so
finding a functioning one with remote (nice, but not needed these days) 
certainly be a fun quest. As far as no one demanding good midi pedals, I
think it is a case of a lot of manufacturers putting out the lowest common
denominator- the features most people would use- program change, CCs, and
not much else on a limited number of different channels. Roland or
Behringer's designers have never shown up publicly on any list I have ever
been on asking what users need. We are lucky here that we can talk to many
of the people who designed our tools, but that isn't the case for the 
of the current midi pedals. They usually match up their pedals to gear they
are currently putting out, and make them very easy to use together, and 
don't really care if it is used to control other things. If Behringer
doesn't make anything that needs that kind of control, they aren't going to
build the capability (or even care about that capability) in their pedals. 
Despite what Roland or Behringer or anyone who makes a generic 'dumb' midi
pedal thinks, if you put the capability of the PMC-10 into an enclosure 
the All Access (or even the current Behringer pedal, but with preset
titles), sell them for a few hundred (not $800), you would probably sell a
few thousand right away. The EDP can't be the only device that musicians
want more foot control of.

Dave Eichenberger

> The Digitech PMC-10 really is one of the best midi pedals 
> ever. Sadly it has been out of production a long time, is 
> hard to find, and at this stage in life may be getting a 
> little shaky if not well taken care of. It is a sad 
> situation, but users don't demand good midi pedals so no 
> manufacturer puts effort into it.
> kim