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Re: stupid compression pedal question..

> I'm fiddling around with compression pedals in my guitar playing. Also in
> the mix are distortion, delay, envelope filters, and chorus/flange type
> stuff. I've read everything from the compression pedal shoudl be the 
> item in the chain to it should be the last or it should follow a
> particularly volume/tone sucking effect.
> Assuming I'll at very least always have a distortion-> envelope
> filter->Delay/looper where is the best place for me to place the
> compression pedal?  Does this change if I am using a different instrument
> (drum machine, bass, saxophone, whatever).
> If you can let me know why you chose that would help a lot too.
> Thanks for any/all help!

Are you using the compression pedal to limit or sustain?  I saw Bill 
talking once about how he used to have a volume pedal and a compression 
Once he realized that he had the volume pedal in his chain to overcome 
what he
was doing with the compression pedal he got rid of both. YMMV.