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Re: beatsync filters

At 11:57 PM +0200 6/18/06, rune fagereng wrote:
>I am looking for beatsyncing filter/sweaps-effects for my guitar-rig.
>Does anyone have experience with the kaoss pad, roger mayer voodoo, 
>or adrennalinn ? Or any other good filters ?

Here's an oddball box that is probably worth the (admittedly less) 
money, *if* you can find one.  Keep an eye out for the Alesis 
Philtre, which was part of their late lamented ModFX line.

While it doesn't have MIDI sync, this fist-sized little box does have 
an LFO with a button for Tap Tempo.  What's more, the Tap Tempo will 
autosense and sync to the tempo you're playing, if your tempo is 
within 15% of the range you originally tapped into it.  So, for 
instance, if you tap in 112 bpm but you're actually playing at 115 
bpm, the Philtre's tempo will automatically adjust.  In Tempo Sync 
mode, the rate knob will also allow you to adjust the Philtre's speed 
to a multiple of the tempo (1/4x, 1/2x, 1x, 2x, 4x) as well.

Filter types are low-, band-, and high-pass, as well as band-stop 
(notch).  Although I don't own one myself, I've got the Akira (which 
is the Philtre's big brother, and uses the same algorithms itself), 
so I can vouch for the filters there sounding good.

Best news is that you can usually scam them for around $50 USD. 
Worst news is that they're rather thin on the ground, so you'll have 
to look for a while before bumping into one.

Also, if you're interested in beat-syncing similar sorts of "trigger 
gate" effects -- essentially doing the same effect with tremolo 
rather than a filter -- you should look at the Ampliton, from the 
same Alesis ModFX line.

"Somewhere between anticipation and nostalgia we should have been happy."