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Re: beatsync filters

Hello Rune,
I've got a kaoss pad but it is not the latest model and has no beat synced features.  It makes great tapped sweeps and effects though, but you have to have your hands off the guitar.  The Kaoss pad has programmable midi CC sends and I've thought of running those through my Emu XL-7 sequencer synced and set to record midi changes but alas I haven't got round to it.  I have sent the kaoss midi sends to my Lexicon MPX-1 which is a great unit with lots of beat punchable patches that are totally programmable with LFO's etc.  My only gripe with the MPX-1 is that it runs out of memory quickly so I can't quite get what I'm after all the time.  It is billed as a unit that will allow the user to place the effects in any order which is great but the really good combinations use up too much of the DSP power.
I've been seriously wanting an Adrenalinn II for the very same reasons you are after and the website has a lot of good sound samples. I've tried to get the same effect by recording control changes on my XL-7 and running them to my Digitech GNX-3 and it works but its a time consuming endeavor and too much stuff to hook up for every gig. So I think that the Adrenalinn II is a good combo unit with a small footprint.  I just need to sell something before I justify buying another item.  Ha!

rune fagereng <rune_fagereng@yahoo.no> wrote:
Hi !
I am looking for beatsyncing filter/sweaps-effects for my guitar-rig.
Does anyone have experience with the kaoss pad, roger mayer voodoo, or adrennalinn ? Or any other good filters ?
Rune f

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