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Re: [AH] stupid compression pedal question..

Alex wrote:

>>Assuming I'll at very least always have a distortion-> envelope
>>filter->Delay/looper where is the best place for me to place the
>>compression pedal?  Does this change if I am using a different instrument
>>(drum machine, bass, saxophone, whatever).
>(Starting at the begining) the compression pedal will be for evening out
>the dynamics, and possibly adding sustain.  So in a small pedal set-up the
>compression would go 1st for a good strong feed to a distotrion pedal etc.
> But in this case - with the envelope follower I'd be tempted to put it
>after that to even out any extreme pumping or peaks.
Since there are multiple places in the chain to put a compressor for 
various reasons, some say to use multiple compressors.  Since some 
recording engineers use slight compression when recording a track and 
slight compression on the same track during mixdown, this makes a kind 
of sense.  This allows each compression operation to be as transparent 
as possible.  In your application, it allows each compressor to be used 
in a slightly different way for different reasons.

I have long been a fan of reverbing a reverb.  I've chained up to three 
in a row!  "Redundant" effects can yeild subtle to extreme results.  
Fun!  Some guitarists even run a clean signal through a Fender amp while 
running a distorted signal through a Marshall half stack.  It all boils 
down to flexibility and creativity to get unique sounds.