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Re: beatsync filters

Ted, I wish my playing was as good as your struggling!

While we're on this topic, I got and set up a laptop
running Reaktor 5 last night.  HOLY SHIT.  I'm
floored. The idea that I can actually make stuff like
this is mind boggling.  My plan is to set up a laptop
looper like Per's but last night I used it like a
virtual synth/effects processor.  Amazingly powerful. 
Can't spend $300 (I found it on line at scit scat
music for that
there seems to be a stand alone product called
Electronic Instruments that has a sampling of what it
does (can't make your own)

Anyway, if you've got a good laptop/computer and
you're willing to have a look it seems like an amazing
way to get a lot of loop mangling done. 


--- tEd � kiLLiAn <tedkillian@charter.net> wrote:

> I wish I had some MP3s to share of this. Well,
> actually I used it a  
> tiny bit at last
> year's Y2K5 fest. So, somewhere in the online
> recordings of that is  
> burried just
> a taste of what I'm talking about. However, you'd
> have to listen to  
> several minutes
> of me doing other things (struggling actually --
> unsuccessfully, I'm  
> afraid, as it was
> not a very inspired evening for me) 

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