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Re: Hey y'all... Todd Reynolds in Oakland

At 10:41 AM 6/19/2006, Todd Reynolds wrote:
>Anyway, I'll be in Oakland from the 19th to 24th and will be looping at 
>the Garden of Memory concert at the Chapel of the Chimes on Wednesday, 
>21st of June from 5-9, intermittently.
>Terry Riley and I will also be doing a little playing together, just a 
>little improvisation time for the two of us during that same concert.  So 
>if you're in oakland, give a shout, and/or come by the concert and say 
>hi.  I enjoy very much meeting people from the list whenever it happens.

Hey Todd, that's great! I hope to see you there.

For the rest of you, Garden of Memory is one of the most remarkable music 
events to happen in the Bay Area all year. If you are anywhere remotely 
close to Oakland, you should go. Nothing else you are doing Wednesday is 
that important. It is held in Chapel of the Chimes, an amazing and huge 
Julia Morgan designed Columbarium. On this evening, spread throughout the 
halls and rooms and nooks and crannies, you will discover numerous unique 
musicians expressing their take on the place and the experience. 
Reflective, thoughtful, and inspiring.


 From a looper perspective, some of the best will be performing, including:
Paul Dresher
Amy X Neuburg
Pamela Z
Terry Riley
and of course Todd!
and probably others who I don't know yet.

Every year I experience something remarkable at this event. Go!


Kim Flint                     | Looper's Delight
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