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Hey y'all... Todd Reynolds in Oakland

Title: Hey y'all... Todd Reynolds in Oakland
How’s everybody doin’?

I have no idea how I got completely unsubscribed, but I did.  Like months ago!  

And somehow, I just let it all happen.  But no more.  I’m back.

Anyway, I’ll be in Oakland from the 19th to 24th and will be looping at the Garden of Memory concert at the Chapel of the Chimes on Wednesday, the 21st of June from 5-9, intermittently.  

Terry Riley and I will also be doing a little playing together, just a little improvisation time for the two of us during that same concert.  So if you’re in oakland, give a shout, and/or come by the concert and say hi.  I enjoy very much meeting people from the list whenever it happens.  

I’ll have to dive into the archives to see what’s been goin’ down in this, one of my favorite corners of cyberspace!

But I’m back on now.  Woohoo!

All best to all.

Todd Reynolds

“Virtue is just repression waiting to go bad” - Trevor Exter

“Classical music is related to the past more than it is related to the creative part of sound” - Ornette Coleman
Todd Reynolds
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