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Re: beatsync filters

I love the Adrennalinn.  A very deep box for the cash.
 Wish it had stereo inputs.  I found the amp models to
be "eh."  Worth it for the beat synced effects.  Sold
it for some reason but wish I hadn't.  Would work
nicely in my Vox Tonelab's effect loop.

KAOSS pad: Also great.  Must have.  Totally different
box though.  Not really geared for guitar as you need
a finger (or toe?) free to really get your money's
worth from it.

I bet the Roger Mayer Voodoo rules, but not being able
to sync to MIDI clock pretty much rules anything out
for me.

--- rune fagereng <rune_fagereng@yahoo.no> wrote:

> Hi !
>   I am looking for beatsyncing filter/sweaps-effects
> for my guitar-rig.
>   Does anyone have experience with the kaoss pad,
> roger mayer voodoo, or adrennalinn ? Or any other
> good filters ?
>   Rune f
> www.runefagereng.com
> Mail:rune_fagereng@yahoo.no
> Mob: 917 95 867

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