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Cooking a song

does anyone know people/artists who perform solo, "recycling" themselves like live-loopers, but who use other compositorial techniques?
so not "building up" loop on loop, but for example playing back a little melody that was played 3 minutes ago, on a different tempo, so it just fits with the rythm played 5 minutes ago while the vocals are played backward again... in this way "cooking" a song. Get the point?
I don't mean "electronic" composers, performers who use an acoustic source for creating all kinds of sounds: it's really about creating rythm&melody by (processed) repeating, with or without using prerecorded material.
I've been experimenting with it myself (with some acoustic instruments & Max/MSP), but can't really find people doing the same thing... (only one guy in america, too bad i can't contact him...)?
But there must be more people doing this thing! If anyone knows someone it would be a great help! (trying to write my thesis about this)