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Re: Cooking a song

On 21 jun 2006, at 11.54, Thomas Rutgers wrote:

> does anyone know people/artists who perform solo, "recycling"  
> themselves like live-loopers, but who use other compositorial  
> techniques?

My knowledge is that every composer use to "write the same song every  
time", at least according to themselves. And most remix wizards do  
this with audio. Kind of "musical Ready-Mades" (as Marcel Duchamp did  
with sculpture in 1914) as a well known sound or melody phrase takes  
on a new meaning when recalled in a new context  ;-)  I guess you  
could say that would go for most classical composers as well, since  
one of the most important techniques have also been to re-use melodic  
themes with variations to give them a slightly new twist as the piece  

Greetings from Sweden

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