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Re: Hiromi

Title: RE: Hiromi
I'll be seeing Emerson on Sunday evening.  I'm not counting on silver suit or knives in the B3.  Apparently he does travel with a large modular though...
I'm  a prog-head and proud of it!  I have all of the ELP albums up to but not including "Love Bleah" oh, I mean "Beach"
I sometimes think it's just fashionable to trash prog, but I would rather listen to it than most of what's coming out these days.  It is interesting to note that there is a very active and very good modern prog scene going on. 
as said before. YMMV.
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>>This is the only clip I've seen of her work, though, so maybe other
examples are better.  The best parts of this video sound like a pale
tip-of-the-hat to Keith Emerson's "Tarkus".  I also tossed most of my
ELP records out quite some time ago, however.  As with all matters of
taste, YMMV....<<

I wasn't going to chip in at all on this one, but now I have to. grrr....

not ELP, but UK spring to mind. the first incarnation, which morphed into the bruford band w/ dave stewart (not the annie lennox one) allan holdsworth & jeff berlin.

here's the difference for me- back then, having chops wasn't nearly enough. everyone had chops. you had to have something to say aswell (which was a big enough problem for talented musicians even then, especially instrumental combos at the dawn of punk/new-wave), & most importantly you had to have a sense of humour. ELP did. bruford did. Yes didn't, which is probably a lot to do with why bruford left them (for fripp.... hmmm....)

I'd like to have seen more of this clip, in case it turns out that she & her cohorts are actually enjoying themselves- the bit I saw, they all looked a bit serious, & that put me off trying to get the rest of it to appear on my laptop. I'll try again later.



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