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Re: Hiromi

I think the whole prog-bashing trend started as sour grapes on the part of 
kids who just didn't have the chops to play it.  As I recall, at the same 
time that prog was declared a dinosaur by these young turks virtuosity in 
general was poo-pooed just as much.

Not that there wasn't an awful lot of excess (and I spell excess E-L-P) 
rampant at the time!

Regards from Boston,

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From: "Tony K" <bigtony@softhome.net>
> RE: HiromiI'll be seeing Emerson on Sunday evening.  I'm not counting on 
> suit or knives in the B3.  Apparently he does travel with a large 
> though...
> I'm  a prog-head and proud of it!  I have all of the ELP albums up to 
>but not 
> including "Love Bleah" oh, I mean "Beach"
> I sometimes think it's just fashionable to trash prog, but I would 
>rather listen 
> to it than most of what's coming out these days.  It is interesting to 
>note that 
> there is a very active and very good modern prog scene going on.  
> as said before. YMMV.
> Tony