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Re: Sloppyness (was: Re: Hiromi)

At 9:53 PM +0200 6/21/06, claude voit wrote:
>come on !! this is the same cliché argument again, would you say the same 
>thing from any university ? creativity is also needed for scientists, 
>businessmen, etc...
>the schools have nothing to do with that: creativity is a path to work on 
>for anybody.

Well, any generalization has its problems, and mine was no exception.

I certainly agree that creativity is something that needs to be cultivated 
for pretty much anybody. Certainly there are a lot of good, highly 
schooled, musicians. It just happens that the people I like best tended to 
suss it out for themselves.

Theodore Sturgeon said "Ninety percent of everything is crud." This 
probably holds true whether self-educated or schooled.

I also think that some of the most interesting scientists and businessmen 
are largely self-taught. (e.g Einstein, Jobs, Gates)

>and btw they recover from mistakes as much often as anyone, simply they 
>recover more elegantly so you dont even hear it as a mistake.

And less interestingly, too, IMO.


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