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RE: oud simulator?

A product that I did some beta test work for is promising, though at present it doesn't have an oud preset. I'm taking about the Mama Bear from DTAR. Rather than make you have to play a propriatery instrument (see Line 6), it is esentially a filter that allows you to add different acoustic guitar body resonance characteristics to your own instrument, with presets to accomodate various piezo and magnetic pickup types. So I can for instance, run my martin with a piezo installed through a Maccaferri  style guitar preset, and it will give my amplified sound a more plunky mid range honky short decay Django style sound or make my OM style guitar sound like a bigger body dreadnaught or jumbo. Perhaps one day they will come out with an ethnic stringed instrument addition, but probably not till they recoup their RnD costs. Dare to dream.
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I guess it would be hard to simulate the depth and density of acoustics,
especially with a digital medium.
But darn it, someone should try! It would be so much more convenient.
I guess the electric oud is the best way to go - but a little costly if it's not
your main instrument.

"Torstein H. Rem" <trem@broadpark.no> wrote:
I`m quite convinced no pedal will do the job. Maybe if you go midi guitar you might
find something, don`t know about the Roland VG88 either.
There are pedals manipulating pitch bends but don`t sound like the sliding notes on
a fretless oud.
Using a standard el gtr the closest I can think of would be a clever combination of slide,
maybe ebow, EQ to simulate gut strings  ;-), a little compression and some smart reverb
or short delay to simulate the oud body.
The recipe doesn`t sound very convinving though.  :_)
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From: Monica
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Subject: Re: oud simulator?

Yes I have their catalog - but was hoping not to spend the $1500 right now.
Would be great to have a simple mod for guitar! Thanks...

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