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Re: oud simulator?

I guess it would be hard to simulate the depth and density of acoustics,
especially with a digital medium.
But darn it, someone should try! It would be so much more convenient.
I guess the electric oud is the best way to go - but a little costly if it's not
your main instrument.

"Torstein H. Rem" <trem@broadpark.no> wrote:
I`m quite convinced no pedal will do the job. Maybe if you go midi guitar you might
find something, don`t know about the Roland VG88 either.
There are pedals manipulating pitch bends but don`t sound like the sliding notes on
a fretless oud.
Using a standard el gtr the closest I can think of would be a clever combination of slide,
maybe ebow, EQ to simulate gut strings  ;-), a little compression and some smart reverb
or short delay to simulate the oud body.
The recipe doesn`t sound very convinving though.  :_)
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Yes I have their catalog - but was hoping not to spend the $1500 right now.
Would be great to have a simple mod for guitar! Thanks...

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